HR Policy

Human Resources Policy The major objective of the human resources of Sarıdağlar is to provide the human resources we own to execute their works with more educated, more conscious and with higher motivation than the other employees in the sector. Our mission as human resources is to contribute the targets of Sarıdağlar and to take the responsibility of their expectations. We, as Sarıdağlar we punctiliously provide the employment, training regarding their competence, human relations and rights, salaries and safety support for our employees. While providing these opportunities, we never sacrifice the personal ethics and value to be committed on the employees. We believe that as long as when various ideas target the common goal, this will be beneficial for Sarıdağlar. In compliance with the local worker and labor law, we establish, manage and transmit strong rules and applications that lead to respect and equal treatment to our employees. We support and establish a working environment where the target and policies of Sarıdağlar, the rights of our employees, personal communication, individual responsibility, trust and mutual respect are prioritized. While providing all these possibilities, we consider the respect to confidentiality and privacy of our employees.